Floors and counter tops need to be cleaned thoroughly, especially in the bathroom and food prep areas. Many natural stone counter-tops, like granite and marble, are not sealed by the installers. New floors and showers are usually not sealed when installed. This is because a new floor or surface needs to properly cure and dry before being sealed. This gives the setting material time to dry by letting air in and moisture out through the unsealed surface. By this time, most installers don’t want to make another trip to complete the sealing process. Leaving your natural stone and grout vulnerable to the elements and accidents that occur to your surfaces. A breading ground for bacteria and mold.

Not all surfaces need to be sealed. However, most grout should be. Ask your technician if your tile or grout is a candidate to be sealed. Mopping or cleaning a floor containing grout that has not been sealed simply takes the dirt off the top of the tile and deposits it into the low lying grout where it is absorbed and left to grow and smell. Properly cleaned and sealed surfaces stay healthier and cleaner longer.