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All About Grout

True Clean Tile Grout Blog

Everyone loves the look of a beautiful tile floor. Tile also is practical, durable and a real showstopper in any home or business. That said, for those of us with these lovely floors in our homes, we’ve all had those Cinderella moments…you know the one…hands and knees, toothbrush in hand, scrubbing the grout that just seems to grab onto dirt and won’t let go. It can be a daunting task.

Professional tile and grout cleaning can be your tile floor’s fairy godmother. The secret solution we use gets grout sparkling clean and looking new again. Not only does it enhance the tile, it can brighten the whole room. It is amazing how clean grout can make such a big difference, but it does.

While carpet can hold dirt and allergens, tile grout can hold bacteria and mold, especially in areas that are prone to wetness like bathrooms, kitchens and entryways. It is recommended that you clean your floors at least once per week. While you can use a commercial product, it is important that you consider the ingredients you are using with children and pets in your home. If you have a steam cleaner, that is a great way to do regular floor cleaning. Seasonally, though, it is important to professionally clean and sanitize your tile floors and grout. This can make a big impact in the overall health of you and your family….and the life of your floors. Oh and by the way, we can do your shower, too!

Businesses such as retail stores, medical practices, hospitals and large office buildings often showcase beautiful tile floors. With all of the foot traffic coming in and out, it is important that these floors are cleaned on a more frequent basis. Not only do high traffic areas show dirt, that dirt, bacteria and mold is carried to other parts of the building on the bottom of people’s shoes. Professional grout and tile cleaning can help businesses not only look better but be healthier as well.

At True Clean Ohio, we use products that are highly effective and safe for tile surfaces, people and pets. Our experienced team will transform your tile and grout, leaving you with sparkling floors and tile surfaces. Choose True Clean Carpet and Tile for professional tile and grout cleaning, Columbus, Ohio and professional carpet cleaning, Columbus, Ohio.