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Clean Carpets Can Help You Stay Healthy

True Clean Van Blog

As we navigate through a season of illness, it is important to consider your environment and how it can impact your health. Whether it be your home, place of business or public area, carpet can play a role.

Carpet has many benefits for both residential and commercial applications. Carpet is soft, comforting to feet, insulating and has acoustic benefits. It also can trap things like allergens, irritants, dust and mold.

Vacuuming daily can certainly help. Using a vacuum with a high efficiency particulate air filter is best because it can trap more particles. Try to vacuum when there are no other people in the house or office as vacuuming can stir up allergens and irritants that can be inhaled.

Having your carpet cleaned professionally will give you a more thorough cleaning, eliminating those particles that are embedded and often unreachable by a vacuum. Professional cleaning solutions and equipment have the ability to get down to the base of the fibers to agitate and suction out dirt and grime.

There are different options for professional carpet cleaning, and depending on your home or business, it is best to incorporate multiple types. The most important thing is to get on a regular schedule that may include monthly maintenance and twice annual deep cleanings.

Regular professional cleanings not only keep your carpet and your environment cleaner, it also will help your carpet look better and last longer. While there is somewhat of an up front cost in maintaining your carpet, it will pay off in the end by significantly extending the life of your carpet and positively impacting the quality of your indoor environment.

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