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Clean Carpets Can Help You Stay Healthy

As we navigate through a season of illness, it is important to consider your environment and how it can impact your health. Whether it be your home, place of business or public area, carpet can play a role.

Carpet has many benefits for both residential and commercial applications. Carpet is soft, comforting to feet, insulating and has acoustic benefits. It also can trap things like allergens, irritants, dust and mold.

Vacuuming daily can certainly help. Using a vacuum with a high efficiency particulate air filter is best because it can trap more particles. Try to vacuum when there are no other people in the house or office as vacuuming can stir up allergens and irritants that can be inhaled.

Having your carpet cleaned professionally will give you a more thorough cleaning, eliminating those particles that are embedded and often unreachable by a vacuum. Professional cleaning solutions and equipment have the ability to get down to the base of the fibers to agitate and suction out dirt and grime.

There are different options for professional carpet cleaning, and depending on your home or business, it is best to incorporate multiple types. The most important thing is to get on a regular schedule that may include monthly maintenance and twice annual deep cleanings.

Regular professional cleanings not only keep your carpet and your environment cleaner, it also will help your carpet look better and last longer. While there is somewhat of an up front cost in maintaining your carpet, it will pay off in the end by significantly extending the life of your carpet and positively impacting the quality of your indoor environment.

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True Clean Commercial Carpet Cleaning Blog

How Skilled Nursing and Senior Living Facilities Can Keep Residents Healthier

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, more emphasis is being placed on respiratory illnesses and their impact on residents of skilled nursing and senior living facilities.

According to a report from the Office of the Inspector General, more than 12% of nursing home hospitalizations are a result of lower respiratory issues like pneumonia and COPD related problems.

Some contributing factors to respiratory illnesses may be in the environment, specifically the carpet. Dust, dirt, mold, allergens and irritants can become trapped in carpet, both in patient rooms and in common areas.

Carpet is often a good choice for skilled nursing facilities as well as those who cater to seniors. Carpet allows for more sure footing with less possibility for slipping and it can cushion falls.

Skilled nursing and senior living facilities can help keep their residents safer and healthier with regular and thorough professional carpet cleaning. Professional carpet cleaners will utilize special equipment and cleaning solutions that not only provide a thorough cleaning but deodorizing as well. Lifting and suctioning away these respiratory irritants and odors can greatly improve the air quality and overall indoor environment.

It is best to consult with a professional to discuss your facility and special needs of your team and/or residents. Getting on a regular schedule will not only be a proactive way to keep residents and staff healthier, but it also will enhance and extend the overall life of your carpet.

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The Benefits of Having Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned

Everyone loves the soft cushiony feel of carpet under their feet. Carpet warms up an environment, providing comfort, insulation and sound absorption. While carpet offers so many positives, it also can be home to some unwelcome visitors, namely bacteria, dust, mites and mold. These irritants can contribute to seasonal illnesses and allergies.

So, how can you enjoy the benefits of that soft texture between your toes without all of the dirty downsides? First, vacuum daily, spot treat areas of concern and have your carpets cleaned professionally on a regular basis.

Regardless of the type of carpet, there are many benefits of having your carpet professionally cleaned.

Improve your indoor air quality and your health.

Vacuuming daily is a great start. Vacuuming can only do so much. Foot traffic, pets and tracking in dirt and bacteria on shoes can embed these pesky particles deep into your carpet, beyond the reach of your vacuum. In time, they build up and can cause health issues. Professional carpet cleaning uses commercial grade equipment that reaches in between and to the bottom of the fibers to deep clean carpet.

Improve Your Carpet.

Having your carpet professionally cleaned can improve the look and feel of your carpet. Professional carpet cleaning agitates the fibers, causing them to stand up and be full again. It also keeps the dirt and grime from matting down the carpet and eating away at it. After your carpets are professionally cleaned, they look brighter, smell fresher and feel softer.

Improve Your Air Circulation.

Ever feel like a room seems stuffy? When your carpets are holding dirt and irritants, it can actually limit the airflow in the room. Air needs to circulate to keep the room from holding odors and dust.

Protect Your Investment.

New carpet is a big investment, so you want it to last as long as possible. Regular professional cleaning keeps carpet fresh, clean and the fibers full. This impacts the carpets ability to manage traffic and endure wear.

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True Clean Area Rug Cleaning Blog

No More Brushing It Under The Rug

Your area rugs need cleaned. Whether they are permanently placed handed down family heirlooms, or they change with the seasons, cleaning your area rugs will not only keep them free of dirt and allergens, it also will extend their life.

Regular vacuuming certainly helps. The number of times per week you should vacuum is really based on the traffic on that rug. If your rug is in an entryway, for example, you should vacuum it every day or two. When vacuuming, raise to the highest setting to protect the rug pile. If it is a small enough rug, you will want to flip it over and vacuum the underside to loosen any trapped dirt.

Even with daily care, fibers get compressed and dirt and odors get trapped. This can eventually lead to those fibers breaking down, making your carpet not only look but actually become worn.

Professionally cleaning your area rugs is important for a number of reasons. First, odors can get trapped in the fibers of your area rug, and vacuuming cannot remove those. Often carpet cleaning solutions either mask odors, or in the case of rugs with fragile fibers, it can do more harm than good.

The same goes for stains. Treating stains with a commercial stain remover is not ideal, simply because these products are difficult to rinse out and can leave a stain of their own when they dry. If you get a stain on your area rug, the best thing to do is treat it right away with a gentle product like Woolite. Use as little product as possible and call a professional carpet cleaning service. We have very specific products to use on your rugs to not only get them clean and fresh but also to remove any stains and odors. Remember, the longer you wait to treat stains, the harder they are to completely remove.

Area rugs are a great way to add color to a room, protect carpet or warm up a hard floor surface. Choose True Clean Carpet and Tile for professional residential carpet cleaning, Columbus, Ohio

All About Grout

Everyone loves the look of a beautiful tile floor. Tile also is practical, durable and a real showstopper in any home or business. That said, for those of us with these lovely floors in our homes, we’ve all had those Cinderella moments…you know the one…hands and knees, toothbrush in hand, scrubbing the grout that just seems to grab onto dirt and won’t let go. It can be a daunting task.

Professional tile and grout cleaning can be your tile floor’s fairy godmother. The secret solution we use gets grout sparkling clean and looking new again. Not only does it enhance the tile, it can brighten the whole room. It is amazing how clean grout can make such a big difference, but it does.

While carpet can hold dirt and allergens, tile grout can hold bacteria and mold, especially in areas that are prone to wetness like bathrooms, kitchens and entryways. It is recommended that you clean your floors at least once per week. While you can use a commercial product, it is important that you consider the ingredients you are using with children and pets in your home. If you have a steam cleaner, that is a great way to do regular floor cleaning. Seasonally, though, it is important to professionally clean and sanitize your tile floors and grout. This can make a big impact in the overall health of you and your family….and the life of your floors. Oh and by the way, we can do your shower, too!

Businesses such as retail stores, medical practices, hospitals and large office buildings often showcase beautiful tile floors. With all of the foot traffic coming in and out, it is important that these floors are cleaned on a more frequent basis. Not only do high traffic areas show dirt, that dirt, bacteria and mold is carried to other parts of the building on the bottom of people’s shoes. Professional grout and tile cleaning can help businesses not only look better but be healthier as well.

At True Clean Ohio, we use products that are highly effective and safe for tile surfaces, people and pets. Our experienced team will transform your tile and grout, leaving you with sparkling floors and tile surfaces. Choose True Clean Carpet and Tile for professional tile and grout cleaning, Columbus, Ohio and professional carpet cleaning, Columbus, Ohio.

True Clean Pet Odor Removal Blog

How To Remove The Smell of Cat Urine From Carpet

We love our pets. They are part of the family. What we don’t like is when they eliminate in the house. Let’s be honest, you can sometimes tell when there are cats in a home as soon as you walk in the door.

Cats can mark their territory in corners of your home. After a while, this gives off an ammonia like odor that is easily recognized but hard to remove. When a cat urinates in your house, there are some things you can do right away to remove the stain and the odor.

The first step is to bring up any new cat urine in the carpet. Press a paper towel directly onto the soiled area and soak up as much wet as possible.

Second, you need to use a cleaner. You have a couple of effective options. If you like to DIY, use a mixture of white vinegar, baking soda and water. White vinegar kills bacteria, so it is good for both new and set in stains. If you prefer a product that is ready to go, use an enzyme cleaner. With this product, cultures will be released into the carpet that will clean the area and remove odors.

Once you have your cleaner ready, apply it directly to the affected area, but try not to completely saturate the carpet. Using a scrub brush, gently work the cleaner into the carpet. This will allow the product to penetrate the fibers, neutralize the ammonia in the urine and remove the odor.

Once you have worked the product into the carpet, blot the area again to absorb any excess. This will help the area dry quicker. Allow the area to dry thoroughly.

Once dry, sprinkle some more baking soda over the area. Then, make a solution of a half cup of hydrogen peroxide with a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid. Apply to the affected area and again use the scrub brush to work the solution into the carpet without saturating it.

Once the area is completely dry, finish by vacuuming.

If the urine smell is not gone, you may need to hire a company that does professional carpet cleaning. They will know how to pre-treat the area and use solutions and techniques to ensure the stain and odors are removed permanently.

An ounce of prevention can save you a lot of hassle and frustration. There is always a reason why a cat urinates outside the litter box. Here are a few handy tips and things to watch for if you experience this issue in your home:

  • Make sure the litter box is cleaned out regularly. Cats are clean animals and don’t like to go in a dirty box.
  • If you have multiple levels in your home, consider adding a litter box to each floor, so an appropriate place to eliminate is convenient no matter where the cat may be in the home. This is especially beneficial for older cats.
  • If you have multiple cats, you will want multiple litter boxes.
  • Get your cat spayed or neutered. Intact males, especially, will spray.
  • Have your cat checked at the vet for kidney or bladder issues. Infections can cause urgency and inappropriate elimination. This may be your cat telling you he/she needs help.
  • Cats will return to the same spot. So consider making that spot unavailable by placing something there so the cat cannot get to it. Ultimately, though, you will need to get to the root of the problem to solve it.

If you need professional help, choose True Clean Carpet and Tile for professional residential carpet cleaning, Columbus, Ohio.